Navara Addition
New Richmond, Wisconsin
A new old home needing a few updates and some extra space for relaxing, entertaining, and family time.

In The Beginning

For this project, our goal was to give the Navara’s the additional space they were looking for in their newly purchased home. They knew they wanted more space on the main level to relax and spend time with family. They also wanted to be able to enjoy the great view from their backyard. So, for this project, we built the Navara’s a main floor room addition.

The Final Result
To tie the new room into the original living space, we expanded the opening between the old and new spaces. This helped make the main level cohesive and feel more spacious.
We filled each wall of the addition with windows to give the Navara’s the view they wanted and bring in more natural light to the whole main floor.
A Hearthstone wood stove with a beautifully crafted stone wall, made of a blend of Chilton Rustic Stackledge and Chilton Full Color, made the space cozy and relaxing for any time of year.
To make the room standout, we also installed custom woodworking including a handmade, custom designed maple mantel.
Client’s reflection: “My project added a 20 x 20 family room onto our existing home, and there were unique finishes I wanted to reflect my vision. Once the main construction was completed, I brought a number of photos and indicated the single elements I was looking for in each example. Bill pulled all the design elements together to deliver exactly what I wanted, even sourcing beautiful maple lumber from a local mill. The finished effect was perfect and reflected the Craftsman quality I expected. I’ve worked with contractors before, but have never encountered anyone with this personal level of skill and reliability. I’d hire Bill again, and if you’re looking for talented professionals who listen to you and invest in your project as a partner, then find Crimson Valley. Bill and his team have earned my trust.” - Mary Navara