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From ground to complete, it takes a team.
Established in 2015
We formed Crimson Valley to serve the St. Croix River Valley by using our talents and eye for detail. What people see as a project, we see as an opportunity; an opportunity to change community, family, and of course, homes. Craftsmanship means many things to many people, but for us, it means we take that extra step, we build that extra piece, we find a better way, and that is what checks that box.
Bill Brinkman

Bill Brinkman is a partner at Crimson Valley Construction. He helped create Crimson Valley in 2015 and has been a vital partner and leader in the company ever since. Bill’s passion for building began when he was just four years old while helping his dad roof their new house. All through college, he gained experience in construction by building new homes with his dad and brother. In 1989, Bill graduated from the University of Northwestern- St. Paul with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. Bill’s experience in remodeling began through founding his first remodeling company, Brinkman Russell, in 1989. Through his 17 years at the company, Bill expanded his remodeling abilities and business and leadership skills. He, along with his business partner Jeff Russell, led Brinkman Russell to earn many awards, including NAHB National Remodeler of the Month, BATC Remodeler of the Year Runner Up, BATC Remodeler of Merit Award, QR Top 500, Professional Remodeler Magazine Top 25 Companies to Work For, and BBB Integrity Awards Finalist. Along with remodeling, Bill has experience building new homes through his previous work as a job superintendent and project manager for Hendel Homes. In this role, he had the opportunity to build multimillion-dollar homes with Rick Hendel, which greatly expanded his design and new home construction knowledge. In 2015, Bill switched gears to help found and become a partner at Crimson Valley. At Crimson Valley, Bill combines his ability to conceptualize and plan out a project with his construction abilities to give clients a quality-built project that is exactly what they are looking for. He can help clients through every step of the building process and give them an exceptional overall experience from start to finish. Bill’s primary mission for the company is to build beautiful projects while also building strong relationships. He ultimately wants to partner with clients to help them produce their dream projects. Bill lives in Hudson, WI, with his wife Marjie, where they enjoy visits from their two daughters and grandchildren.
Noah Gray

Noah Gray is a founder of Crimson Valley Construction. He helped found Crimson Valley in 2015 and was instrumental in leading the company’s growth. Noah’s love for construction and tools began when he was first given a hammer at three years old and grew up woodworking with his Grandpa. While working for Crimson Valley, Noah gained experience in building new homes, remodeling residential homes and commercial buildings, and operating heavy machinery. He had also expanded his construction knowledge through his previous work as a framer for South Pine and as an electrician’s apprentice for Risen Electric. After graduating from Hudson High School, Noah jumped straight into helping create Crimson Valley. His initial goals when helping found Crimson Valley were to create a company that built every project with precision and integrity and created lasting relationships with every client. Noah grew up in Hudson, Wisconsin and now lives in Roberts, WI with his wife Bailey and their two children.
Our Design Partners

While Crimson Valley does the in-house design on some of our projects, we also partner with outside designers, architects, and engineers. These partnerships allow us to provide our clients with upscale layouts and designs that add another dimension to our builds. The majority of design partners we have the pleasure of working with are small design firms that create beautiful projects. Working with them, we can build projects that are exceptionally made and specifically customized for each of our clients.
Our Subcontractors and Trade Partners

Crimson Valley has the privilege of working with an amazing team of diverse subcontractors and trade partners. Since our team has been building these relationships from even before Crimson Valley’s beginning, we currently partner with over 30 subcontractors and dozens of trade partners. When we call, they know our name, which allows us to work with them quickly and efficiently to get our projects done right. These partnerships are founded on trust and quality work, so we can produce the best results for our clients.

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